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Chinese Summer Camp in Beijing

Join us for school holiday fun and educatio0!




Beijing Mandarin School Summer Camp programs are designed to provide a very comprehensive and balanced curriculum for all students to have a great experience of learning Chinese language and culture. Since being founded 12 year ago, our Chinese Summer Camp provides safe, wholesome, well-organized and well-staffed activities, Chinese culture events; trips
Games are an excellent way for a child to develop mental and physical skills that will prove useful in later life.


We have a team of very professional teachers:

The teachers all have university degrees, majoring in ‘Teaching teenagers Chinese as a foreign language’.

To maintain children’s interest we use various teaching methods, which give them a happy and fun atmosphere in which to learn and improve. Using contextual examples, which include the various wonders of Chinese culture, we will trigger their interest and maximize their creativity.

Ø Inspiring children’s interest in learning Chinese.  

Ø Allowing children from different countries to fully experience the richness and diversity of Chinese culture.

Ø Helping children learn in a fun and educational environment through varied cultural courses and activities.

Ø Professional teaching methods that improve listening, speaking, reading and writing abilities;

Ø Rich teaching materials, allowing more opportunities for students to practice and improvement.

Parent Testimonials 

· 暑期课程时间安排很紧凑,课程很有意思,我女儿明年还想再来是最好的证明。(Singapore)

· I like that overseas kids room with local kids. My child seemed to get along with them just fine, which I think is good for him. (U.S.)

· I am glad my child joined the camp even for only 5 days. She got along with other campers and had a chance to learn something not taught at school. I also appreciate the dedication of the staff and counselor. They are kind and able to maintain a harmonious and reasonable discipline atmosphere. Thank you! (HongKong)

· Although the experience was at times challenging and not always easy as it involved serious culture differences for a rather young teenager, my child came back with a positive global assessment of his stay at LongFeiFei. (France)

· 北京普通语学校好

· 我叫田煦。我是一个加拿大人。我的英文名字叫Don Tian, 我在这个学校上了两个月多了,我很喜欢这里和我的同学们。我的老师她很会教汉语。我交了好多新朋友。他们从十几个国家来中国一起学习,他们从美国,法国,哥伦比亚,智利,日本,新西兰和别的国家,他们也喜欢学汉语,喜欢和我说话,还有我很快就要回加拿大了,我也觉得别人应该来BMS来学习。我也会告诉我的朋友们这个学校,我学了好多新的东西。

· 新年快乐!

·                                                                           田煦




· 我叫纳谷迪那,我是日本人。我为了学习汉语

· 利用暑假时间来到北京普通语学校,刚到学校的时候,老师们都非常热情,她们让我很开心。

· 我的学习生活还有一个月就要结束了,我和老师们学到很多东西,我还学会了包包子,我现在可以和老师简单的会话了,他们耐心的教我中文,我真的非常感谢她们。

·                                                               谢谢Santa,Nicole

·                                                               2013.9.6

· 纳谷迪那


Dear BMS

After extends pleasant greeting, I am writing to you to thank you for my wonderful experience studying mandarin. After more than seven months studying, as compacted as interesting language, I consider the teaching method of BMS is successful, each class stimulated my interest to learn and understand Chinese culture. I am very happy to have met you, more than my teachers you were my friends. I’m gonna miss every one of you. Now, I am leaving but I know that I will take with me invaluable knowledge, lasting friendships and memories of an unforgettable time and place. I was lucky to have teachers like you, so THANKS again. I hope to see you again in the near future.









Dear Beijing Mandarin School



BMS gave me the opportunity to start working on my Chinese. I hope I can cherish the stuff I learned and memories at school forever and study for further progression.

Thanks a lot. 多谢。                           





Dear Eileen,

For me and Christian, you are the best teacher in Beijing, you are so nice and funny. That’s why I always playing crazy game with you, I want you to be my teacher everywhere I go. You are the best teacher in Beijing. I will miss you when I shocked you every time.

I love Beijing Mandarin School.

                                                            Sarah & Christine



Beijing Mandarin School Chinese Language classes of Summer Camp will focus on speaking, listening, reading and writing, building vocabulary, learning characters and pronunciation. The goal is increased fluency for non-native speakers.


BMS's unique summer classes will be taught at 3 levels.

Summer Creative Camp (Age: 3years old –18 years old)


Participants will be assigned to Mandarin levels based upon assessment. This assessment is conducted by oral test via Skype or a written test especially designed for children. We also take age into consideration to ensure the students learn with classmates of the same level.




E-tower School       

Tel: 6508 1026 /1126         186 1088 7969(Wechat)

Room 904-905, E-tower, Guanghua Road , Chaoyang District, Beijing .

Guangming Hotel School     

Tel: 8441 8391                   139 1005 0890(Wechat)

Room 0709, Guangming Hotel, Liangmaqiao Road, Chaoyang District. 

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