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Beijing Mandarin School can arrange living accommodations to optimize your experience. You have a choice of different types of accommodations with average 30 minutes transportation to school.

Single Room
Shared Apartment


- located in residential buildings         
- apartments are simple, furnished and equipped
- apartments and rooms of different sizes and characteristics
- you will share the apartment with other international students
- you will have your own bedroom
- bedroom with bed, desk, chair, wardrobe
- bed linen, towels, blanket provided
- no meals are provided
- each apartment has a kitchen
- fridge, microwave, stove, pans and cutlery
- shared bathroom
- washing machine, TV, air-conditioning are provided
- free broadband Internet access
- telephone and free local phone calls
- water, gas, electricity are provided
- cleaning service once a week
- average 30 minutes from the school


Studio Apartment


- clean, private and comfortable living experience
- in residential buildings
- apartments are simple, furnished and equipped
- bed, desk, chair, wardrobe
- bed linen, towels, blanket provided
- fridge, microwave, stove, pans and cutlery
- washing machine, TV, air-conditioning are provided
- free broadband Internet access
- telephone and free local phone calls
- water, gas, electricity are provided
- cleaning service once a week
- average 30 minutes from the school


Hostel, Serviced Apartment, Hotel...Price depends on period of stay.


Stay with teacher

Stay with teacher is very popular because it means that International students or visitors don’t need to stay in a hotel or an expensive apartment when they study or travel in China. They may choose to stay with a local host family at a low cost and furthermore, they are able to improve their knowledge of the language, enjoy family-like comforts, make local friends and experience local culture at first hand through living with a local host family. You are totally welcome to choose the duration of your stay - from a few days to one year - with our Homestay. Home stay will bring you an individual way to discover China - one of the most mysterious lands in the world!


The following prices are listed only for reference.


Room type/Rates

One month

Shared bedroom

3500 RMB/ person

Private bedroom

6500 RMB/ person


Price Includes:

         ♦  Homestay

         ♦ One meal (need discuss)


For those who don’t register for our Chinese language classes, Beijing Mandarin School charges USD200 as a placement fee.

Other service:

         ♦  Chinese language Classes and materials

         ♦   Internet DSL service

         ♦   Airport pick-up and transfer to the host family

         ♦   Welcome dinner and other stuff prepared by the host family

         ♦   International Airfare, Game Tickets, Open and Closing Ceremony Tickets, China Visa, Travel Insurance.

         ♦   The best way to make an international phone call is using an international IP card.  You could buy it in many stores, or your host family could buy it for you. Cost for an international phone call(IP card): around US$0.15 to US$0.3 per minutes.


Q and A


1.   Will I have my own room?
Yes. Every family in our database will provide you with a private bedroom.

2.   What items will be in my room?
Every family registered here has convenient living facilities at home. However, the items available in your room will be different at each place. Please check the family database for more details. (You can also see pictures of your room and a photo of the Host Family)

3.    Will I have my own bathroom?
You will have your own private bathroom in some of the families,please see the profile of the host family for details.

4.     Will I get meals?
Chinese people are very kind, they would love to invite you for lunch/dinner with them, but it depends on their time table, because they have to work at day time, our most of the families have lunch/dinner at home, and you can join them if you want to!

5.     May I make my own food?
Yes, with the host family’s permission. If you are student for long term stay and prefer to cook by you, please specify this in your application form. And, you can also learn how to cook Chinese food from them!

6.     Can I use the host family’s telephone?
You may make local telephone calls from your family. All long distance calls must be made using a calling card or with the family’s permission.

7.     Can I apply to get my own telephone number?
Yes. If you are planning a long term stay and would like to have your own telephone number, you can register one at any China Communication Corporation for a cost of around US$30. Your host family will tell you to find the nearest China Communication Corporation office.

8.     May I use the family computer to get access to the Internet?
Yes. Most families registered with us have computer at home. If there is ADSL, it''s free for you to get access to Internet. If you need to log on to the Internet, you will need to get the family’s permission first.

9.     May I smoke in the house?
Yes, but only with the permission of the host family. Some host families will ask that you smoke outside the unit.

10.   Can I do laundry in the Homestay?
Yes. The host family will show you where the laundry facilities are.

11.    Will I be able to watch television?
Yes. All the living facilities in the public area of unit will be available to you.

12.    Will I have a curfew (time that I need to return to the Homestay each night)?
You will not have a curfew. However, it is customary that you notify your host family if you will miss dinner or will return to the house after 10pm.

13.    Can I have guests come to the Homestay?
Yes, with the host family’s permission.

14.    Will I receive a key to the unit?
Yes for long term stay, no for short term stay.

15.    Should I register at PSB (Public Security Bureau) during my homestay?
Yes. According to the rules of the Chinese government, all foreign visitors must provide their passport information when they arrive at an accommodation. If visitors stay with a Chinese family, they need to register with the PSB. However, you do not have to do this in person; your host family can register for you with your passport and visa.

16.    Can I get necessary and useful info from my host family?
Absolutely. Your host family and our local representative will be happy to provide you all the useful info such as how to take the bus and public transportation, where to buy phone card or mobile SIM card, and where the nearest bank and supermarket are. They can give you helpful suggestions for your trip, etc… Just ask them!

17.    Can I be picked up at the airport?
Yes. Please contact us to make arrangements.

Booking and Payment Procedure

1. Booking:Complete our online Registration Form in its entirety and send it to our email address:

2. Deposit payment:

Pay 20% of the total fee as a deposit per person (which will be deducted from the total fee). The deposit is non-refundable.

If you apply outside China, you can also make a wire transfer to our Bank account in China (Please email your Bank receipt to or fax it to 8610-6508 1126)

3. Passport photocopy:Please email your passport photocopy to or fax it to 8610-6508 1126.

4. Final payment: Full balance must be paid after you life in home stay.


Registration Form

(All information will be kept confidential.)

Personal Information

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Email Address*

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Nationality (citizenship)*

Date of birth*


Homestay Information

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If the destinations are not listed above, please specify:

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Number of guests*

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Arrival date perfer*

Length of Stay

Airport pick up?

Do you smoke?

Do you mind a family with a preschool-age child?

Do you mind a family with pets?

Please list any allergies, health problems, or foods that you can not eat.

Please indicate a few of your hobbies or special interests. We will try to match these with a host family

Use the space provided below for any additional detail about yourself. Also, please specify if you have a preferred family after searching our database

Please specify

Please copy the enrolment form and then send it back to our e-mail address.



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