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Top 3 Reasons for having a Corporate Mandarin Program

As more international and overseas organizations begin to operate in China, the need for corporate Mandarin programs is becoming increasingly important.  If your organization has overseas staff as a part of your Beijing team, then our Corporate Mandarin Programs are here to help both you and them.


Top 3 Reasons for running a corporate Mandarin language program.


1. Build a better work environment through increased Mandarin language skills.


Chances are that your Beijing team is fairly multi-cultural and that it also employs a significant proportion of local staff.  If this is the case, then providing your foreign staff with a level of Mandarin language training is great for the workplace.  Improved Chinese language skills will assist in workplace communication, happiness and productivity.


Training can cover:

– Sector specific words and phrases that are commonly used in your company,

– Vocabulary for communicating in business situations

– Language that will help foreigners better engage in day-to-day office discussions.


2. Provide the daily life language skills that foreigners need when living in China.

Your Corporate Mandarin Program can be designed to include ‘outside of work’ topics, which is a great way to show that you care about the wellbeing of your new arrivals!


Moving to Beijing from a non-Chinese country can be both an exciting and daunting experience.  Simple activities like ordering food in a restaurant, taking a taxi, asking directions and greeting people, all become very challenging. Removing some of the language barriers that exist for your new workmates is a great way to make their experience in Beijing more enjoyable and a lot stressful.  This often translates into less stressed employees and longer stays by foreign workers.


3. Support spouses who have moved to China with their working partner.

Many of your new foreign colleagues will also arrive with their partners and/or families.  A large percentage of our Corporate Partners are recognizing the benefits of offering language training to partners, especially as it is often the partner that is more often in situations where Chinese is required.  Making sure an employee’s spouse is comfortable means your colleague has less to worry about.


In our section “Corporate Mandarin Programs “you will see just some of the ways we have built corporate training programs to suit a variety of organizations and range of needs. You might also be interested in reading just a few of the reviews and references we have received from our corporate clients.


Contact us to talk more about how we can help you and your new foreign colleagues.



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