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Teacher Li Zhuoyuan

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Teacher Li Zhuoyuan

Personal Information

Name: Lizy                                                              

Gender: Female

Year of Birth: 1990/6

Native Place: Wuhan, Hubei

Education & Professional Training

Ø May 2019  Completed the training course of Teaching Chinese as a second language in Beijing Language and Culture Univerdity 

Ø September 2008 - June 2012  Studying Art Design in Hu Bei University of Technology

Working Experience

2017- now  Chinese Teacher in Beijing Mandarin School

2016-2017  Brand Manager in IQIYI

2012-2016  Project Manager in Marketing Department in Artron

Languages skill

English: CET4

MandarinStandardCertificate of Mandarin Proficiency Test (First Class - Grade B) 普通话一级乙等







Teaching Experience

Experience as a Mandarin Teacher2 years of teaching Mandarin in Beijing

Mandarin Teaching specialties:      

Children’s class

Pronunciation class

Survival Chinese class

HSK (1-6) exam class

Chinese Characters



A few words from Teacher:

Good at guiding students to speak and practice more at class. Specialized in teaching Chinese to children, and experienced at after-school tutoring to the primary school students. I understand the way how children think, and have some effective methods to attract children’s attention and inspire children’s interest of learning Chinese. I will be patient to help every student to express more fluently about what they want to say.

Skillful at explaining the meaning of new vocabulary and giving examples of how to use the new words in the proper way.

Focus on the immersive teaching, including pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar and Chinese Characters.

Glad to encourage students to use Chinese in their daily life.

Be willing to help students improve their language skill by speaking and writing more accurately and naturally.


    善于引导学生在课堂上多说多练。 致力于儿童汉语课的教学,在小学生课后辅导方面经验丰富。理解儿童思维,能用高效的方式吸引孩子的注意力,并激发孩子学习中文的兴趣。我将耐心的帮助每个学生尽可能更流利地表达他们想要说的话。






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