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Business Chinese

Our Business Chinese classes are ideal for people working in China or conversing regularly with Chinese colleagues, customers, clients or suppliers. Our Business Chinese courses use content and vocabulary that is specific to particular jobs, roles or sectors, and these courses are often tailored to the particular needs of Organizations and individuals.

Contact us now to begin your own Private Chinese Classes and choose a schedule and location that suits you. Alternatively, join one of our Group Chinese Classes which is focused especially on business language skills.

Example business Chinese topics we teach:

Office Terminology                                                                     Economics

Journalism                                                                                  Legal

Medical                                                                                        Diplomatic

Political                                                                                       Trade

Information Technology                                                         Telecommunications

Automotive                                                                                 Newspaper reading

How we teach Business Chinese

Our business Chinese courses are divided into 9 different levels, ranging from the beginner levels to the advanced levels, with a wide range of useful topics and learning materials specifically related to business activities.

Beginner Business Chinese

We generally recommend starting Business Chinese classes at the end of our Level 3 courses. This is because you will need a certain level of background Mandarin knowledge and vocabulary to be able to pick up and use Business Chinese.

Advanced Business Chinese

Advanced level business Mandarin lessons are often discussion-based and focus on situations that people actually encounter as they go about their jobs. We use role-playing and story-telling techniques, which help students, present their thoughts using conversations and scenarios they may have in real life.

Business Chinese Learning Materials

The materials we use for Business Chinese are varied. We have Business Chinese textbooks, some which use only Chinese characters, whilst others use both pinyin and characters. Our newspaper reading classes use articles selected either by you or the teacher, or even magazines that you may have which are specific to your industry. We also assist students that may need to prepare for an interview or write a report.

How is Business Chinese Different?

There are really two main differences when it comes to learning Business Chinese.

♦There is some very specific vocabulary that you will need if you are to work effectively in Chinese in the workplace. These might be technical words from your sector or could just be words that are specific to the workplace (i.e. photocopier, spreadsheet, confidential file, board meeting).

♦ Business Chinese has formal words that are often used in preference to everyday words that you say when talking with friends. Learning these alternative words is quite important.

Words from Students

” I studied only advanced business Chinese and legal texts and experienced a dramatic improvement in my ability to understand and speak Chinese for professional purposes. I also learned how to read and write using Chinese characters.  Thank you to my dedicated teachers! Thank you Beijing Mandarin School!”

———– Ingo from Australian



Teacher and her student

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