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Small Group Classes

Small Group Classes
Our Small Group Classes have one teacher to 3 - 8 students, a ratio that will give you lots of time to practice speaking as well as to interact with your teacher and classmates. Our group classes are arranged by level of language (i.e. beginner to advanced), and there are group courses for practically every level. Students typically complete one level of study during one 60 hour course.

Group classes run to a fixed schedule in terms of which days of the week they are held and for how many hours. The schedule is usually lessons 2 - 3 times per week, with each lesson being 2 or 3 hours. New group classes begin every other week, so you can get started with your study very quickly. We do also have intensive courses if you want to spend more time studying per week.

Why choose Group classes?
Learning Style: Students often choose group classes because they enjoy learning with other people and find this helps them study.

Small Group Classes Schedule

Morning Group Class

Afternoon Group Class

Evening Group Class

Weekend Group Class







Sat. & Sun.



u Mon.~Fri.

u Mon.~Fri.


u Mon./Wed./Fri.


u Mon./Wed./Fri.

u Mon.~Fri.

u Mon./Tue./Thu.


u Mon./Tue./Thu.

u Mon./Wed./Fri.

u Tue. /Thu.


u Tue. /Thu.

u Tue. /Thu.


Class Content

Beginner Daily Life Courses(HSK 1)

Book: 《Practical Spoken Chinese》 Ⅰ

Make your life in China easier.

Topics: introduce yourself, take a taxi, go shopping, in a

restaurant, weather and seasons, etc.

Total one course

Students will learn Pinyin, more than 460 words, Chinese

basic sentence structures.

Basic Daily Life Courses(HSK 2 & 3)

Book: 《Practical Spoken Chinese》Ⅱ & Ⅲ

You can describe one thing or one person or

Topics: Weather, Hobbies, Living environment,

your requirements more precisely.

Transportation, etc.

Students will learn more than 600 new words, the

Total two courses

fundamentals of Chinese grammar, and 200 Chinese


Pre-Intermediate Daily Life Courses(HSK 3&4)

Book: 《Practical Spoken Chinese》Ⅳ&Ⅴ

You will be able to describe your personality

Topics: travel experiences, shopping skills, sports, talk

or hobbies, and also express your feelings,

chat with your Chinese friends about your

about life and Ideal, health, friendship, etc.

Students will learn more than 600 words, grammar points,

work, your daily life and your opinions.

and 10 topics about 450 Chinese characters.

Total two courses 

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