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VIP Private Classes

VIP Private Classes

Private Mandarin Classes – get where you want to go, FAST!

The fastest and most effective way to learn Chinese is through Private Mandarin Classes.  One on one means intensive Mandarin learning because 100% of the time in class you are listening, speaking or answering questions, all in Chinese. As well as having the undivided attention of your teacher, by taking an individual course you will also enjoy the following benefits.

◆Tailor-made course materials

◆Your own study plan

◆ Flexible location: Classes can be held at our training center or your office or home

◆Flexible timetable: Start your classes when you want and follow your own schedule.

Customizing the Study to You

When you arrive here at Beijing Mandarin School, we will assess you level of Chinese and also discuss what your language goals are – these may be to learn survival Chinese, learn vocabulary and sentences in particular specialty fields (business, law, medical etc.), focus on improving tones or spend more time on Chinese characters. From this we can jointly tailor a personalized study plan.

Private Mandarin Class Schedules

Our private Mandarin classes can be scheduled to meet your needs and are run between 7:30AM and 9:00PM Monday to Sunday.

2 on 1 Private Mandarin Classes

We often find that 2 friends or partners are interested in studying Mandarin together.  We make this happen easily by providing 2 on 1 private lesson. The idea is simple, you and one other person can study with a teacher and enjoy many of the benefits you would get from individual Mandarin lessons. You can have tailor made courses and study plans that match the two of you, study in a location that suits you both and have flexibility in terms of schedule. The really good news is that this option works out to be cheaper for each of you in comparison to you both taking your own private Mandarin lessons.

Can’t make it to a private class?

We understand that our students sometimes can’t make it to class, whether it’s because they have other commitments that come up or it’s a day when they’re just not feeling up to it. We want you to focus on learning not worrying about cancelling, so if you can’t make a class and you let us know the day before, there is no charge.  Cancellations on the day of class, you just need to pay for the half of the class.

Combination Private and Small Group Classes

Some students like the idea of mixing private and small group classes into their study diet. Attending small group classes, means you get to meet people, learn how other students are going about studying and have the added interest of interacting when learning.  Often students taking private and group classes use the private classes to either review group lessons in more detail or to add additional practice time.

Rates for Private Mandarin Classes

We think you will find our per hour rates for private lessons to be great value for money.  We often offer special prices based on a current promotion or on the number of hours you buy. Contact us to find out our current rates.

Words from Students

“My experience here has been great! I really could notice improvement; this place is an excellent option if you want to speak Chinese. Mary was my teacher, and one of the best teachers I have had, only can say 谢谢”

-Consuelo from Spain


”My experience with Beijing Mandarin School has been excellent. My instructor is experienced, professional and very well prepared for each class. She is patient and listens carefully and knows how to make the information interesting and relevant.”

-Karen from United States



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