Introduction to Chinese teaching materials in BJMS

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Introduction to Chinese teaching materials in BJMS

一、Chinese Textbooks in BJMS(with audio recordings)

Our textbook is custom-made and edited by a group of teachers experienced inteaching Chinese to foreigners. The series of textbooks are focus on spoken Chinese. From beginner to intermediate level have five levels, select a lot of daily life topics and extra exercises, combine with our distinctive teaching method, to help students adapt to living and working in China in a very short time.


Practical spoken Chinese(Beginner):60 hours,will learn Pinyin, more than 460words , Chinese basic sentence structures, 15 conversions(e.g. introduce yourself ; go to bank; to take the taxi ; go shopping; in the restaurant;to see a doctor ; to call somebody;weather and season,etc)Finish this level, you can communicate with ChinesePeople simply.

≪実用的な中国語会話≫:テキストは15課から成っており,総時間は60時間です, ピンイン、基本的な文法、文章構造, 460もの語彙を学ぶだけでなく,15の場合で役に立つ日常会話を学びます。(例:自己紹介、挨拶、銀行にいく、タクシーを呼ぶ、レストランに行く、買い物をする、病院にいく、電話のかけ方、季節や天気の話題など)



Practical spoken Chinese(Basic):  60 hours. This book consists of ten lessonswhich encompass about 500 new wordsand the fundamentals of Chinese grammar(套课 100 Chinese Characters). After finish this book, you can describe onething or one person more precisely and can reach New HSK level 2.

≪実用的な中国語会話≫:テキストは10課から成っており,総時間は60時間です,10 以上の最も実用的な構文があります。500以上の語彙と100個の単語を学びます。テキストの学習を完了した後,生徒さんは具体的な表現と説明ができるようになります。新HSK二級レベルに相当する。



Practical spoken Chinese(intermediateⅠ):60 hours,will learn more than 320 words,sentence structures,grammar points,about 10 topics(e.g. talk about environment; lifestyle and trouble; traffic; etc)and about 150 Chinese characters. After finish this book, you can describeone thing or to express your requirements more precisely and can reach New HSKlevel 3 or 4.

≪実用的な中国語会話≫: テキストは10課から成っており,総時間は60時間です;320以上の語彙、文法、文の構造を学べ、10個のトピックがあります(例:生活環境、生活問題、交通問題など)と150ぐらいの単語があります。テキストの学習を完了した後,生徒さんは自分の要求や事情を述べるができます。新HSK四級レベルに相当する。



Practical spoken Chinese(intermediateⅡ):60 hours,will learn more than 330 words,grammar points,sentence structures. There are tentopics in this book(e.g. travel plan;feeling about travel;life service inBeijing; shopping experience; sports etc.)and about 200 Chinese characters. After finish this book,you can describe one’s personalityor hobbies, and also to express your feelings more precisely and can reach HSKlevel 4.

≪実用的な中国語会話≫四: テキストは10課から成っており,総時間は60時間です,330以上の語彙、文法、文の構造を学べ、10個のトピックがあります(例:旅行計画、旅行の感想、北京のサービス内容、買い物をする、スポーツなど)と200個の単語。テキストの学習を完了した後,生徒さんは自分のパーソナリティ、性格と趣味などを詳しく説明することができます。新HSK四レベルに相当する。



Practical spoken Chinese(intermediateⅢ):60 hours,will learn more than 300 words,grammar points,sentence structures. There are tentopics in this book(e.g. idealprofessions; Chinese family; life habits ; to watch a match; four seasons ;howto make a new friend; say goodbye to friends, etc)and about 250 Chinese characters. After finish this book,you can chat with your Chinesefriends, about your work, your daily life and your opinions.

≪実用的な中国語会話≫五: テキストは10課から成っており,総時間は60時間です,330以上の語彙、文法、文の構造と中国語の文法を学べ、10個のトピックがあります(例:理想の職業,中国の家庭,生活習慣,競技鑑賞,季節,友達作り,お別れなど)と250個の単語があります。テキストの学習を完了した後,お仕事と生活について,中国のお友達にもっと楽しいお話ができます。




Be able to understand and use some very simple Chinese phrases and sentences, and have the ability to further learn Chinese.


Be able to use Chinese for simple and direct communication on some common topics in life.


Be able to use Chinese to complete basic communication tasks in life, study, work, etc.


Be able to communicate on more complex topics in Chinese, and express in a more standard and appropriate way.


Be able to discuss, evaluate and express opinions on abstract or professional topics in Chinese, and be able to deal with various communication tasks easily.


Be able to communicate freely in Chinese, and the level of Chinese application is close to that of native speakers.




This book is suitable for short-term people who work in Beijing or engage in business activities from scratch. After completing this book, they can continue to learn 《商务汉语提高》 or this calibrated intermediate textbook according to the needs of students.


②. 《商务汉语入门—— 日常交际篇》

This book is suitable for students who want to learn business Chinese and have basic grammar and phonetic knowledge after the completion of the introductory textbook. After the completion of this book, you can use 《商务汉语提高》.

③. 《商务汉语提高》

It is suitable for business people who want to continue to learn after the completion of basic teaching materials in our school, expand business Chinese vocabulary and improve business communication ability.


④. 《公司汉语》

It is suitable for the students who want to expand the topic and vocabulary learning of the company after the completion of the intermediate textbook for calibration.


⑤. 《新丝路商务汉语》系列(With CD)

Chinese can be used for daily conversation and simple business activities.

  (1)Arrange teaching contents in close combination with BCT syllabus of business Chinese test; 

 (2)Break through the inherent mode of the textbook, and arrange the structure and content of the text according to the different contents; 

 (3)Write short and concise dialogues and essays around the daily life and business activities of business people;

 (4)A large number of pictures and charts are used in the texts and exercises; 

 (5)There are various forms of practice, and the training of listening and speaking skills should be strengthened;

 (6)Provide background and cultural knowledge introduction related to business activities.


四、Children‘s book

①. 《My first Chinese book》

This textbook is suitable for the short-term learning of 6-year-old preschool children (equipped with Mp3 & DVD). It is an entry-level course. It is rich in color and beautiful. It mainly focuses on simple vocabulary learning, assisted by common simple sentence patterns. Through learning, we can initially establish and stimulate preschool children's interest in learning Chinese, and master the cognition and expression of basic vocabulary.


②. 《我的第一本中文词汇书》

This textbook is suitable for children aged 4-8. The book is divided into 40 themes, each of which is equipped with exquisite pictures. When the book is completed, children can master more than 400 Chinese words. In addition, the book is equipped with CD and MP3, which can stimulate children's learning motivation and interest from the perspective of audio-visual.


③. 《轻松学中文》

This set of teaching materials is divided into eight volumes. In addition, this set of teaching materials pays great attention to the comprehensive training of four communication skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.


④. 《标准中文》

The standard Chinese series of textbooks is the first series of textbooks published by the people's education press for non-native children to learn and use Chinese; it is divided into nine volumes after revision. After the completion of the whole set of teaching materials, you can master more than 1800 commonly used Chinese characters, more than 400 commonly used vocabulary, and more than 200 basic sentence patterns, with a certain degree of self-study ability, and lay a solid foundation for using Chinese to deal with daily affairs.


⑤. 《A + Chinese》

This textbook is divided into two volumes. It is suitable for middle school students who have studied Chinese for two years and have preliminarily mastered 400-500 words. It is also used for students who are ready to take the SAT \ GCSE \ IB and other Chinese tests.




《汉字速成课本》 is a textbook for systematic learning of Chinese characters. It focuses on the learning of basic knowledge of Chinese characters (basic strokes, stroke order, rules,  radicals, looking up dictionaries, pictophonetic characters, etc.). After students master these basic knowledge, it is easier to expand the knowledge of Chinese characters. It contains 800 commonly used Chinese characters.


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