How to join us for learning Mandarin中国語?

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How to join us for learning Mandarin中国語?

How to join us for learning Mandarin?



All courses need to be paid before class and Non-Refundable.


Payment methods are as followsお支払い方法は:

1. WeChat


2. Alipayアリペイ


3. Bank Transfer (We provides invoice)



4. Swipe card(Chinese banks)カード(中国のカード)

5. Cash現金.

Beijing Mandarin School is the first choice for people wanting to learn Mandarin at aprofessional, friendly and affordable Chinese language school. Founded, managedand staffed by teachers, we put the quality of your Mandarin learningexperience first which is why so many of our individual and corporate clientskeep coming back. How do we do this?

1. First, we make it easy to study in a place that suitsyou. We offer students lots of flexibility in terms of where they can study. Our teachers often take private lessons at a students’ work or home,whilst other students prefer to come to one of our well located study centersin Guomao and Liangmaqiao for their small group classes or private lessons. Wealso offer online Mandarin lessons for those who live a little further away orare overseas.

2. We do everything we can to give you the best Mandarinteachers by only employing staffs that have completedrelevant degrees at highly respected universities. But we go further. Onjoining our school all of our teachers, whether recent graduates or seasonedteachers, complete 2 to 3 months of in-house teacher training before they teachfee-paying students. That’s how serious we are about giving you the bestteachers.

3. The teaching methods used are important.Our school has been running for over 15 years, so we’ve learned a lot about thebest ways to make sure teaching methods work. We have our studentsspeaking Mandarin 60-70% of the time in class, which means that in a shorterperiod of time you are more competent and more confident in using Mandarin.

4. Here at Beijing Mandarin School we have developed ourown in-house textbooks but we also recognize that other quality materials maygive you the content you need. Our “Practical SpokenChinesebooks are great for students starting out on serious Chinese study orsimply wanting to learn survival Chinese for a stay in China. These beginnersto intermediate books have what you need in terms of speaking, listening andunderstanding Chinese characters. We also use a range of books for thosemoving through HSK or needing to study business or other specialist Chineselanguage.

5. We offer great value for money.Both our private and group classes offer great value for money. Group classesobviously work out to be less expensive whilst private lessons give you thathighly focused session. Contact us so that we can better understand yourparticular needs and also take you through our latest price list.


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