cookingChina’s long history, vast territory and extensive contact with other nations and cultures have given birth to the distinctive Chinese cooking art. With several thousand years of creative and accumulative efforts, the Chinese cuisines have become increasingly popular among more and more overseas gourmets, virtually functioning as an envoy of friendship in China’s cultural exchanges with foreign countries. Modern China enjoys a world wide reputations as the ‘kingdom of cuisine’.

In Chinese cooking, color, aroma, and flavor share equal importance in the preparation of each dish. Cooked with the appropriate method, such as Stir-Fry, Steaming, Boiling etc., it can result in an aesthetically attractive dish.

Here at Beijing Mandarin School you can study not only oral Chinese but also Chinese cooking classes. You will study how to cook some delicious home-cooked meals. We believe that your experience of learning Mandarin and living in China can be enriched by learning about Chinese Culture.

Each of our Chinese cooking classes is at least 2 hours long. And it just cost you 200 yuan each time.