Come and Learn Chinese for Free

There isn’t much today that is free, but you read it correctly, these Chinese lessons are free!  So why not come along and join our weekly free Mandarin classes?  They are generally held twice a week, with each session being 2 hours long, and they are open to anyone who is interested in learning Mandarin.  We call them our ‘Public Classes’.

We hold these free Chinese lessons as a part of our teacher training programme and they give our new teachers valuable ‘face time’ in front of Mandarin language students. The teachers are all well qualified and are very good language teachers in their own right, but we use these public classes as an opportunity for them to perfect our school’s teaching methodology.  Each teacher runs through actual lessons from our in-house Mandarin textbooks and classes range from beginner to intermediate level topics.

Participants in the classes benefit from getting free lesson time and often pick up extra tips from the teachers present during the class.

Held on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 1pm to 3pm, we really recommend coming along to try these classes.  Contact us if you would like to find out more about the classes or are interested in knowing what level of class is being taught that day.  Sometimes you might get a free refresher class, other times you might be stretched to learn something a little new – both of which are beneficial.


Words from Students

Some things in life are free! These students are enjoying one of our weekly free Chinese lessons.

” Great to see the training these teachers go through. It’s quite intensvie and very well run.

As well as meeting a new bunch of students you also get to learn from some of them than have been studying longer then you.

Not often these days that you find something is free, but these lessons are just that…FREE!”

-Richard from New Zealand