Learning Mandarin Online is convenient and cost effective

Online Chinese LessonsIf you are overseas and want a cost effective way to get face-to-face class time with a highly qualified Chinese teacher, then our online mandarin classes are a great choice. Using Skype and other online video chat technology, you and your private Beijing-based Mandarin teacher will be able to hear and see each as if you were in the same classroom. Experience the results that come from this dedicated one-on-one approach.

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Who uses our online mandarin lessons?
– University and school students living outside of China who want help practicing and revising their Mandarin lessons.
– Students getting ready for upcoming exams.  A great way to improve your grades!
– People planning to travel to China and who first want to learn some useful language skills.
– Those who have returned home from China and want to maintain, or continue to improve, their Mandarin.




Chinese Language And Culture Course Pricing (Form 4, Version 6,

Chinese Language And Culture Course Pricing (Form 4, Version 6,


Having your own private online Mandarin classes means that we can help you meet your Chinese language needs in your business, study, work, travel and daily life. We will tailor a program especially to your needs, whether you are a complete beginner or have advanced Mandarin language skills. And when you compare our prices with the cost of language schools in many western countries, you’ll be very happy.

What will you need for this course?
To start studying online, all you need is a computer with a reasonable speed broadband connection.  Your computer will also need to have a camera, microphone and online chat tools, such as Skype. The great thing is Skype is free to instal and to use!

Free Online Trial Lesson
Give our free 1 hour trial a try today. It is completely free and there is no obligation. The sole purpose of this free online Chinese lesson is to introduce you to our teaching ways, and to gauge your level of Chinese.

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Free Chinese Test
Do you want to know which level of Chinese you are currently at? Our teaching manager will spend 15-30 minutes to do an online face to face test. This will cover grammar, sentence structure, listening, knowledge about Chinese Characters, etc. Then we will determine the level you are at, so that the teaching manager can make a study plan just for you.

Paying for your online Mandarin lessons with Beijing Mandarin School is very easy. 

We offer range of easy payment methods, including:

♦Paypal. This is a very popular online payment system that can be used by anyone with an email address.  It’s safe and secure, and even better, it’s free for you to use when buying any products or services around the world.  Visit the Paypal website at www.paypal.com for more information.

♦Western Union. This is a global network for transferring money. All you need to do is go to one of the 400,000 Western Union agent locations around the world and arrange for the transfer. Western Union does have a fee for sending money using their network.  Visit www.westernunion.com for more information.

As a part of the registration process for our online lessons, we will provide you with all of our details that you need in order to complete a money transfer.  Both of the above payment systems are very fast and easy to use, so you can be up and studying very quickly.