Here at Beijing Mandarin School we host small group Chinese classes that are especially designed for children.  These fun, yet educational Kids Mandarin classes will give your child a great language experience, whether they are just starting out with Chinese or have been learning for a while.



Kids of all ages having a great time at the Beijing Mandarin School Mandarin Group class.


Our Kids Mandarin classes have just 3 to 5 children with one teacher, meaning each child gets real attention and care. As with our other courses, these classes are structured around levels, with each Kids Mandarin level taking around 30 hours to complete.  We make sure that children in a group class are roughly at the same level of Chinese as the experience of progressing together makes it more fun for the children.

Upcoming Kids Group Mandarin Classes
– New kids group classes start every summer and winter during the holiday period.
– Alternatively, if you have group of 3 to 5 children then we can start a Mandarin group especially for them at any time.  The schedule can also be arranged to suit the children and their parents.  This could be weekends, after school or intensive periods during school holidays.

Teachers trained to teach Kids Mandarin
All of the teachers at our school are university qualified.  The teachers that take our Kids Classes are all qualified in teaching children, with the majority of them having a major in teaching children Chinese as a foreign language.  In addition to this qualification, all of our teachers go through ourteacher training program.

How we teach Kids Mandarin Classes
The aim of our Kids Mandarin Classes is to inspire a child’s interest in learning Chinese, whilst having fun.  Here is how we do this:
– During the courses we aim to work on the skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing.
– The teacher will use a wide range of materials and interactive teaching methods designed to gain these skills effectively.  This can be reading interesting books, playing games that use Chinese, listening to Chinese children’s music etc.
– The focus is on giving more opportunities for children to practice and improve their skills.
– Teachers will often refer to examples and materials that bring in an understanding of Chinese culture as well as Chinese language.

Contact us to talk about your child’s needs and our Kids Group Classes.

Words from Students

“我叫纳谷迪娜,我是日本人.我为了学习汉语利用暑假时间来到北京普通语学校。 刚到学校的时候,老师们都非常热情,他们让我很开心。 我的学习生活,马上就要结束了一个月的学习, 我和老师们学到了很多东西。我还学会了包包子,我现在可以和老师简单的会话了。 他们耐心的教我中文。我真的非常感谢她们!!“

———纳谷迪娜 from Japan

” A mi me gusto este instituto. Yo este ano empece a estudian chino. Yo estoy muy triste por voler a colombia, pero creo gue en el futuro puede volver a china, porgve me gusto mucho china.”

———– Paula from Colombia