Making After School Study Fun and Effective

Here at Beijing Mandarin School we help children with their school work and homework through our After School Tuition Program.  This program is particularly useful in helping children feel more comfortable with their Chinese lessons or with studying other subjects that are taught using Chinese as the delivery language.

Our teachers are not only qualified to teach children, but are also qualified and experienced in teaching a range of other specialist subjects.  Kids needing assistance with subjects such as maths, science, geography, history and, of course, Chinese, have all benefit from this program.

After school tuition can take place on any weekday or during the weekends, and can be held either at your home or at one of our study centers

Our experience has been that this program is particularly useful when children are studying in Chinese and their parents are not native or fluent Chinese speakers. Read some of the interesting references [link to 6.5 Parents References] we have received from students and parents that have made use of this program.

Please contact us to find out more about our After School Tuition Program.

Words from Students

” Wo jiao Ben, wo de lao shi shi li jing. Ta jiao wo de zuoye he kaoshi. Wo xian zai yijing zai xiaoxue xue xi le. Xie xie wo de lao shi li jing.”

——- Ben from Philippine