95% of our HSK Students Successfully Pass HSK!

Here at Beijing Mandarin School we realise that for many students it is important to sit the recognised Chinese language proficiency tests known as HSK. Each year we successfully help many students pass their HSK exams, so if you have an HSK coming up then let us guide you to success.  In 2012, 100% of our students studying for HSK passed their exams!

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Our HSK Teaching Methods

Our years of teaching experience have given us a very efficient way to help students a wide range of different countries sucecssfully pass HSK tests. After determining which level of HSK you should be aiming for, here is how we help you to pass:

♦ Using our extensive library of old HSK exams and samples of current exams, our teachers work through a range of practice HSK tests so that we can jointly understand your language strengths and weaknesses.

♦ During the class the teacher will explain the difficulties of every part of the texts we work with and then intensively practice each component of HSK. This includes listening comprehension, spoken, reading and written skills.

♦ Special attention will also be paid to your problem solving skills.  This is an important, but often forgotten, part of doing well in HSK.

♦ The teacher will also ask you to work on particular words and vocabulary at home. As these words are important to HSK, if you have any difficulties then time in class will be spent explaining and practicing these words.

HSK_teacherandstudent_english                    HSK6test

                 A happy student with her teacher.                                     You too could have an HSK certificate like this

Having successfully passed  an

HSK exam she now has a certificate

to show as a result!

Words from Students

” 我很喜欢学习汉语在“Beijing Mandarin School” Nicole,谢谢你帮助我通过HSK3”

—– Nadine from Germany

” Thank you very much for supporting my Chinese study  for 2.5 years. Thanks to BMS & my teachers, I passed HSK 9 and new HSK 6.  Thanks again for great support”

—— 伊藤司 from Japan

More Information about HSK:

HSK is the recognised Chinese language proficiency test within China. HSK is short for Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi, which can literally be translated as ‘Chinese Language Proficiency Test’. It is very similar to proficiency exams in other languages, such as ESOL and TOEFL, which are used for those learning English as a second language.

HSK, and the issuing of HSK certificates, is run by the Chinese Ministry of Education through the State Committee for the Chinese Proficiency Test. They also publish an annual schedule of dates when HSK exams can be taken and the locations for these exams.  They are generally held and supervised at universities.

Many students are keen to sit HSK exams so that they can get a true indication of their Chinese language level, but also so that they can use certificates to demonstrate their level of ability. This is often required in applying for jobs, positions at Chinese universities and various study grants. There are 6 levels of HSK and our HSK classes are structured in the same way, having 6 levels.

For even more information about HSK, the different HSK levels and the exam process / content you can also visit: