Learn Mandarin and live an easy life in China!

chineseclasspageLiving and working abroad, it is very important and necessary to learn the local language and communicate with the local people! Learn the local language and use it fluently, then you can integrate into the local life better!

Here at Beijing Mandarin School, there are private classes and small group classes. We offer a variety of different study options to match individual study needs, so I am sure we have the right courses for you!

Group classes obviously work out to be less expensive whilst private lessons give you that highly focused session. We have our students speaking Mandarin 60~70% of the time in class, which means that in a shorter period of time you are more competent and more confident in using Mandarin.

You can also take HSK classes, business Chinese classes, Chinese characters classes, online classes and the classes for kids. All of the classes offer great value for money. And these classes can meet any of your needs of learning mandarin.

Come and learn Chinese at Beijing Mandarin School! You can learn more about China and her people. You will learn Chinese to help you live a convenient and interesting life in China.


  • Christine from USA
    Beijing Mandarin School I had a good time studying .I learned a lot and the experience here in Beijing was amazing. My teacher was great and I had a great time in class everyday. The experience will be of great part for me in the long run!