learn chinese textbooksTextbooks that meet your needs.

Here at Beijing Mandarin School we have developed Mandarin textbooks to make your Chinese learning experience easier and more enjoyable.

Five In-House Mandarin Textbooks with Audio

Our 5 in-house books gradually introduce you to a wider range of Chinese words, sentence types and conversation topics.  The books are suitable for Mandarin students from beginner level up to intermediate / advanced level. So that you can get use to listening to spoken Mandarin, each of these books is also supported by an accompanying audio file which is available on cd or as a sound file for use on computers, tablets and mobile phones.

Our level 1 to 5 Practical Spoken Chinese series of Mandarin textbooks- Edited right here at Beijing Mandarin School.

Each of our language levels has a really useful accompanying CD, or if you would prefer, an MP3 file. Great for practising on the run.

Our Mandarin textbooks were written by experienced teachers and are based on:
Providing you with the vocabulary that you need as well as dialogues and conversations that use these words in everyday situations.

Including a range of exercises that get you actively using Chinese words and sentence constructions.

Topics that reflect contemporary China and allow you to start communicating with people quickly.

Focusing initially on speaking and listening, then bringing in the recognition and writing of Chinese characters.

The use of pictures and diagrams to make ideas easier to understand.

Teaching methods that are flexible to your needs and don’t just go through the textbook page by page.

Other Chinese Textbooks
For advanced level Mandarin students, HSK students or those wanting to learn specialty topics in Mandarin, we use a range of other textbooks and material written by respected authors.  The books we commonly use cover topics such as business, legal, medical and financial Chinese.  If there is a special area that you need to know because of your work or personal interests, we are sure to have access to the material you need.


If you want to learn a particular Chinese subject, we have the books to help you. Our bookcase will agree!

Outline of Book Contents
Our books are great whether you are a student starting out on serious Chinese study or are simply wanting to learn survival Chinese for a stay in China. Whilst our teachers meet with new students to work out which level of class and textbook is most suitable, we thought it might be worthwhile giving you the outline of the topics covered in book 1, which has 16 lessons. Contact us if you would like to know more about what is in each of these lessons or the topics we include in books 2 to 5.

Beijing Mandarin School. Book 1 Table of Contents

Lesson 1     Hello
Lesson 2     I love my family
Lesson 3     How are you?
Lesson 4     I want to change money
Lesson 5     What’s your nationality?
Lesson 6     To take a taxi
Lesson 7     What day is today?
Lesson 8     What’s the time now?
Lesson 9     In a restaurant
Lesson 10   What would you like to buy?
Lesson 11   To make a phone call
Lesson 12    I have a cold
Lesson 13   To be a guest
Lesson 14    Seasons and weather
Lesson 15    To celebrate a birthday
Lesson 16    Hobbies