Speak and Understand Mandarin Sooner

The Chinese language teaching methods used by Beijing Mandarin School are proven to have you speaking and understanding Mandarin sooner.

Our focus is on getting you to speak Mandarin
During our Chinese lessons our real focus is on getting students to speak Mandarin.  By being able to speak a little Mandarin it not only allows you to start expressing your own thoughts and needs in Chinese but it also speeds up the process of you understanding what Chinese speakers are saying.  If you are studying in China, you will very quickly you will find yourself understanding words and short phrases as you go about your day, whether that be on the bus or train, at work or at local markets.

During our fun and relaxed small group classes you really do get the chance to speak Chinese.  This is something you just can’t achieve in big language groups, where most of the time is spent reading or listening. Our teaching method has students speaking for more than 60% of the time in class, with teacher explanations being limited to less than 40% of the time.  Of course, private classes are even more focused and provide greater opportunities for speaking and comprehending.

Learn important expressions first
Our Chinese language teaching method also focuses on learning the most important expressions from our specifically designed text books. The textbooks are comprehensive so our teachers select and use the most relevant parts based on a student’s needs or background. This way you focus on really building your ability to use these words and phrases.  As a result our beginner sessions cover between 5 – 12 points in detail, rather than briefly covering 30 or 40 points that you don’t have time to then practice in class.

The steps to learning
For each point that you will cover in class you will go through 4 stages of learning.Chinese Teaching Method
1. First you will repeat your teachers use of a new Chinese word or sentence construction. This gives you the ability to recognize and say this particular content. The teacher will also introduce the Chinese characters if you are wanting to also learn to recognize and use Chinese writing.
2. Secondly, you ask any questions you may have about the new point or content that you are learning.  Your teacher will take you through explanations, firstly using examples in Chinese, but if need be they can often explain in your language as we have teachers that speak English, Japanese and many other languages.
3. Thirdly, your teacher will use the word or sentence construction in slightly different contexts so you can see just how it can be used in every day conversations.
4. Finally, you will have the chance to demonstrate your new learning by using the Chinese word or construction in sentences or to describe a particular situation.

Teaching Chinese Characters
All of our in-house text books use both Pinyin and Chinese characters, so if you are wanting to learn the characters you get the chance to. When teaching from these materials our teachers write everything using both and if classmates are interested in learning characters we also include a segment in our lessons focused primarily on writing and recognizing characters. We do also offer lessons purely focused on reading and writing Chinese characters.

More advanced Mandarin Students
For more advanced students of Mandarin our teaching method still focuses on getting you to talk, use correct tones and comprehend a wider variety of conversations.  The role of our teachers in this case is really to stimulate your speaking, to make sure you are getting things right and make corrections when needed. The use of a greater range of Chinese characters and comprehension of a variety of different texts can also become a feature of learning at this stage.

  • Christine from USA
    Beijing Mandarin School I had a good time studying .I learned a lot and the experience here in Beijing was amazing. My teacher was great and I had a great time in class everyday. The experience will be of great part for me in the long run!