Quality Mandarin teachers – from great teachers come great students

When it comes down to learning Mandarin it is the quality of the person sitting alongside you and how they help you that is most important. Here at Beijing Mandarin School we do a lot to make sure you get the best possible mandarin teachers. So here is how we do this.

Recruit the best teachers of Chinese
All of our teachers have spent at least 4 years studying at a university and all are degree qualified.  Most of our teachers have studied Teaching Chinese as a Second Language at the respected Beijing Language and Culture University. Other teachers come from well recognized institutions such as the Beijing International Studies University, the Capital Normal University and the University of International Business and Economics.

An outstanding new teacher training program
We really believe that our teaching methods set us apart.  Because of this, every teacher that starts with us receives at least 2 months of training, no matter what their previous experience. During these training months they learn about our teaching methods and systems, meaning our teachers are united in their approach.  Our trainee teachers also teach at our Free Public Classes so they gain more ‘face time’ with students. Until we know that a teacher meets our own standards, we don’t let them train paying students. It’s that simple!

Regular teacher workshops
As well as daily teachers briefings, we also hold an all day workshop every month which is attended by all teachers.  These workshops focus on different parts of the training process and we often use videos of the training process in action to help structure our ongoing learning.

A dedicated Head of Teacher Training.
We think the quality of teachers is so important that we have a staff member dedicated full time to the development and training of teachers.  Sandy puts her many years of language teaching experience to good use and does a great job with new teachers.

Teachers with specialist skills
As well as having teachers that also speak English, Japanese and French, we also have teachers that have specialist teaching areas.

We give you choice
We have over 60 teachers so we try to match you with a teacher that we think is suited to your needs.  Because we have a large team of teachers we are always more than happy to let you change teachers if you feel you need something or someone different.